Flower watching in Mt. Diablo State Park (Part1)


Hiya! I’m Kanata. I went to the Mt. Diablo to watch flowers. It is kind of scary name, but it is good place for hiking. It is located northeast from the Bay Area and can be seen from most places of the area because the altitude is 3,849ft!

The place is here.

I was on my way to Mt Diablo in the morning.  The mountain at the center of the picture is Mt Diablo.

Unfortunately, the weather was cloudy.


On the way up the mountain. Because the scenery was good so I took some pictures. Thanks for rainy April, the mountain is still lush.

Also, we can drive to near the top of Mt Diablo, but there are so many bikers on the road, so be careful  not to encounter an accident.

When I arrived at a parking lot on the top, fortunately, the man who is a volunteer guide of flowwer watching asked us to join the tour. We were lucky!


We start hiking tour listening to flowers’ stories with other families like this,


Well…  Let’s see Trees, Shrubs, Flowers that we could see.

  • Blue Dicks


  • Bear Brush


  • Buck Brush


  • California Beeplant


  • Hound’s Tongue

The reason of the name of the “Hound’s Tongue” is the leaves are similar to the tongue of dog… What do you think?


This is one of the laurels and called “California Bay“. Since it is strong scent, if you use it for cooking, you need only half amount of normal laurels.


Such purple and red flowers were also blooming. Sorry, I do not know names…


Our hiking is far from over.

To be continued  >>Part 2



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