“Jack Smelt” Fishing Coyote Point in San Francisco Bay



Hi, I’m Kanata. As it got warmer, I went fishing at Coyote Point. This place is one of the parks managed by San Mateo County. In this park there are barbecue places, a marina, a golf course. Also there are some public restroom close to shore.

Here is the official web site of Coyote point marina.



Crossing the marina and going out to San Francisco Bay, there is a breakwater. You can fish there.


Also, because the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is close from here, you can see planes at a short distance.


Well, I’m wondering what kind of fish I can catch here… I googled it beforehand, but I couldn’t any information about this place. So at first, I start fishing with snare for flatfish. A bait is a shrimp. I start fishing at 12:00 lunch time. I wish fishes are having lunch.

According to a tide information, the high tide time in bay area is 12:30. Good time!

10 minutes is past from the beginning of fishing, I caught this fish! It looks like herring. The total length is about 25cm.

After all, I fished for three hours and I caught 4 fishes like this. The lagest one was 30cm. 🙂


Afterward, I checked the name of the fish.  It is called “Jack Smelt“.

Hello Jack!  You are the first fish I caught after I moved to California.

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