New weapon! Fishing Finder Deeper!


Hi, how’s it going? I’m Kanata.

Today, I got the item I ordered before. It is … a fish finder Deeper!! Welcome!

Briefly speaking about Deeper, there are three models of Deeper such as “Deeper Smart Fishfinder”, “Deeper Smart Sonar Pro”, and “Deeper Smart Sonar Pro +”.  The point of difference between models are that GPS and wifi features are included or not.

This time, I bought the highest model “Deeper Smart Sonar Pro +” for $235.


The product is like this. The size of it is smaller than a base ball.

If you put this sonar on water, it will be turned on automatically. Actually I tried it at bath room, it started.

However the message “the depth is too shallow or too deep” was displayed on my smartphone. I have to test it at an actual fishing place.


So today, please enjoy with demo screen. (^-^)

You can check sonar information with your smartphone. In my case, I download an application to my iPad beforehand. The screen looks like this,

Fish school is light green. Algae are displayed in dense green. Brown is the bottom rock.

Usually I often go fishing on shore. so from the next time I’ll cast this deeper and can check the underwater.

I’m not sure the deeper can detect fish school accurately, but I think at least I can get some information such as  shape of underwater, temperature, location of algae and other obstacles.


Please look forward to the report that I use it at actual fishing places. 🙂


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