Catch Leopard Shark from shore! In Fisherman’s Park


Hello! I’m Kanata. Today is a little windy, but I’m going to go to the Fisherman’s Park for shore fishing. The park is very close to Coyote Point. Therefore, target fishes are basically same as Coyote Point.  The difference from Coyote Point is that there are no restroom, a marina and a barbecue place.  Here is a just parking lot. So why do we go here? Because we do not have to any fee for entrance. In Coyote Point we need to pay $6 to enter there by car.

The place is here,

The fishing spot is like this.  I will fish from this broken breakwater.:-)

Actually, I has come this fishing spot before. At that time,  A big Stingray hit, but it was so big that I could not catch it with my rod and heart… Therefore, I want to challenge big fishes again, I come here today!


The opposite side of breakwater is like this. Some people are fishing. There is an airplane in the far sky. Because San Francisco International Airport is near, it is in landing posture.


I’m preparing for fishing quickly.

Basically, If you fish from shore in San Francisco Bay,  you can aim two kinds of fishes. One is small fish such as smelt and  horse mackerel.  I think you can fish them easily. The other is big fish such as striped bass, shark, and large flatfish.

Today, my target is big one!

I attached two hooks to the line. One is the hook for striped bass and the other is trout hook.

Because the size of these hooks is too big to enter the mouth of smelt, so I have no way but to wait for big fishes that can bite these hooks.


Bait is a squid I bought at Nijiya bargain sale.  What I only can do is waiting after cast.  It will be hight tide in about 1 hour.

Relax and Relax.

Bye the way, in the photo above, the place where the buildings are visible faitly beyond the sea is San Francisco.

One hour later, the wind and waves become stronger!  I start to pray “please fish on”…

Suddenly, someone hit!

I reeled carefully. And what I catch is this one!  It looks like shark.

There is a clear pattern on the back. Judging from this pattern, I think this fish is Leopard Shark (Triakis semifasciata).

The Japanese name is California-Dochizame.

Zoom in on the face. It looks you keep a strong face even though you are caught…

BTW,  your pattern is clearly distinctive and rich! Is it painted by someone just now? I think.


The size is 62cm. It is small as Leopard Shark. Also we can not keep the shark of this size for California regulation.

What you can take is only pictures! 🙂


Bye bye, Leo!


After a while, because the wind became strong, I finished fishing.

Based on my fishing experience in bay area, I found out some theories of fishing around there. So I memorized here.

  1. It is difficult to fish at low tide.
  2. When the wave are high, it is difficult, too.
  3. When the waeather is too good, the sun’s light is too dazzling, big fishes may not hit.


Fisherman’s Park, I will come again !



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