Cherry picking in Brentwood California


What’s up? I’m Kanata.

From May to June, it is cherry season in North California. Brentwood is very famous for cherries in Bay Area.  In Bretwood, many local farms promote promote ag-tourism opportunities and experiences for visitors to the area.

On weekends, Many torists visit Brentwood from San Francisco.

To find the U-pick farms, the “Harvest Time” web site is useful.

The place of Brentwood is here,

Let’s go!

In my case, crossing the San Mateo bridge, and going through East Bay on highway 580.

When I got Brentwood, I saw signs of “U – Pick cherries” around there.

Then, I entered one of those farms. There were already a lot of cars in the parking lot althogh  it was before 10 am.


After parked my car, we went to the cherry orchard with buckets that the farm prepared.


Cherry orchard is like this. Many people enjoy picking cherries. 🙂

If you want to bring cherries to home, you can buy them. In this farm, the price was $3.5 for lb.


Well, about cherries,  when we visited, there were still huge amount of cherries in this orchard.


Since most of cherries are hidden by leaves, you may not find them at first sight like this picture.

Looking closer to the tree, you can see a lot.  (^-^)


I entered under the tree and looked up branches.  Oh many cherries!!


These chunk of cherries look like grapes…


There are two kinds of cherries in this farm. One is “Coral” which has deep red color. And the other is “Rainier” which has pale red like the following picture.

I spent about 2 hours for picking cherries in the orchard.


Picked cherries are measured here and I paid for them.

Cherry picking is great experience.

I strongly recommend it!



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