Let’s catch Catfish in Contra Loma Reservior


Hello, I’m Kanata. Today the weather is good so I am going to the Delta. The destination is a reservior in Contra Loma Regional Park. In this reservior there are Black bass, Trout, and Catfish. So my goal is to catch them today. Especially I have never caught catfish in my life, so I really want to catch it!

Also for the detail of Contra Loma reservior, you can check it at East Bay’s official web site.(http://www.ebparks.org/activities/fishing)

The place is here,

At the gate of the regional park, You can get not only an one-day fishing ticket, but also baits.

In my case, I tried to buy worms for $3.

I went to the fishing spot. And I found out that the reservoir has a lot of algae near the shore.

Because there are some people on the pier for fishing, I have to look for a place I can cast.


Is it okay around there?


Also today, I try to use the fish finder.  The result of checking water body looks like this,

I found out fishes! The green place is algae, so it looks that fishes rest around algae.


I start to fish with the worm immediately!


After my casting, I caught it quickly!  I have never caught a Bass so quickly before…


But,  it is a small bass. Size is about 30cm.


After that, Three Bluegills hit.  It is too big for bluegill, Are you really  bluegill?


Afterward, there were no big hits. Time passed and in the evening.

But I really want to catch Catfish!  I focus this fish. I look for fish shadows by using fish finder again.

According to the fish finder, there is a wall of high algae that extends to near the surface of the water at 10 – 20 m in front the shore, the water depth suddenly deepens beyond the algae wall and it seems there are some fishes near the bottom.

So I cast a bait to the point 25m far from shore to beyond the algae wall and waiting a few minutes.

Suddenly, a fish hits! I try to reel it, but it is very heavy.

I worry about whether the line can be cut off. So I reel it slowly…

What appeared was  a Catfish covered with a large amount of algae! So it was heavy…


Here is a picture after I removed algae. Oh you have nice whisker(barbel)!

The total length was 48cm.  It is the biggest fish of the day!


It has become dark,  so today’s fishing is over!

Thanks Contra Loma for good memories. (^-^)

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