Go fishing at Pillar Point Harbor. Half Moon Bay in California


Hi, I’m Kanata. Today, I was hiking at Half Moon Bay, And not only hiking, I made a little side trip to the Pillar Point Harbor to go fishing! I was lucky my tackle was in my car today.

Well, the following map shows the place of Pillar Point Harbor I stopped by.  There are a marina and a fishing shop.  But when we got there, the fishing shop was already closed.  I’m going to try it next time.

This is official web site of Pillar Point Harbor(http://www.smharbor.com/pillarpoint/)

The indide of the harbor is like this. It is already dim. Because it’s already 7 oclock in the evening…


Of course, we do not fish inside harbor, but do fish here out side the breakwater. Some people are still fishing.


Young peoples are still surfing in the distance. If I was their parent, I would be worried that they meet an accident…


Sometimes high waves come, so I started fishing the tackle box far way from me.


Let’s start fishing! Bait is shrimp.


15 minutes later I cast, I got it!


What kind of fish is this?  Size of this fish is about 15-20cm…


Because it is a little bit dark, I can see the clear color of the fish, but it seems red on the back.

So, I think it may be White Croaker (Genyonemus Lineatus).


Afterwards, I tried fishing a little more. But time is up. Because hiking is main purpose to visit Half moon bay, of course I do not have equipment for night fishing…

Even it was a short fishing for 30 minutes, but I could catch a fish. so I regarded it was a good result!

Also, The inside of the harbor became dark.


On the way back to my car, I found a crab. I wonder if the crab is going home, too.


Bye, Pillar Point Harbor, I will come again soon! (^-^)


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