I caught a flatfish! In Half Moon Bay California


Hi, how are you? I’m Kanata. Last time, I wrote an article about 30 minutes-fishing in Half Moon Bay.  It is its sequel.  After all, I wanted to fish there, I came again to Pillar Point Harbor. (The previous article is here)


I come to Pillar Point Harbor. How fine weather! Today’s high tide time is 14:30. And now fishing starts at 14:00. It is best time to fish!

The right side of a waterbreak is a sandy beach on the harbor.  We start to fish by casting to left side.


Let’s start fishing. I use two kinds of baits. One is a shirimp that I bought at Safeway with special price and the other is  squid I bought at Nijiya.

And also I use the fishing hooks for catching rock fishes.


However, fishes do not eat my baits… There are many gulls instead of fishes…


I have spent a bit of time watching the ocean for a while….


Look at this!  There is something over there!

This is a wild Seal!


A few minutes later, Fish on!  The fish who ate my bait was flatfish!

But it is small…

After a while other small fish ate my bait. This one. What kind of fish is it?


Looking at the face, it is quite cute.  I’m not sure but I think it is kind of Cabezon


After all, Today, I caught only these two fishes. and since they are small, I released both of them.


I will come again!! (^-^)

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